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We have been connecting Life Sciences companies and contractors since 2014.

We have been located along Munich’s Eisbach River since 2014, placing Life Sciences experts in companies around the world. But when did we actually start acquiring clients in Germany? And since when has our unique onboarding program been in place?

March 2014

3, 2, 1, go! Oliver Kremer founds K-Recruiting and starts with a team of five in Switzerland, the Benelux and Nordic countries.

August 2014

We move into our office in Prinzregentenstrasse in the heart of Munich – directly on the Eisbach River.

July 2015

Acquisition starts in Germany and Austria.

April 2016

K-Recruiting grows: We are now ten employees and take home the Great Place to Work award in Bavaria for the first time.

January 2017

Gruezi! We open our Swiss office in Weinfelden.

March 2017

Continues to shape us to this day: We introduce the Big Five for Life into our company culture.

Spring 2018

We are a top employer among medium-sized companies (Focus Business) and once again are named one of the best employers in Bavaria (Great Place to Work).

July 2018

We found the K-Academy for onboarding, training and the further education of our employees.

January 2019

We found K-Recruiting Global AG in Herisau, Switzerland.

February 2019

Launch of the WhatsApp service for project placement with contractors..

May 2019

We are among the top personnel service providers/ staffing agencies in the category “Freelancer Placement”.

July 2019

Yeah! We celebrate five years of K-Recruiting.

Fall 2019

We win the “Best Workplace Award 2019” and become a member of the “Bundesverband für Selbstständige Wissensarbeiter” (Association of Independent Knowledge Workers).

January 2020

A first in the industry: We introduce a six-month onboarding program for our key account and recruiting managers.

April 2020

Still at the top: We are one of Bavaria’s best employers (Great Place to Work).

January 2021

We become a member of the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo).

March 2021

We receive the QIAGEN Supplier Award.

June 2021

We receive ISO 9001 re-certification and become a member of the American Staffing Association (ASA).

September 2021

We introduce employee fundraising projects.

December 2021

We now have 85 employees on the team.

Spring 2022

We launch the Diversity Program and Social Week, during which we support seniors, animals, refugees, food banks and children.

July 2022

Brand relaunch: K-Recruiting appears with a new look.

Summer 2022

K goes USA: We open our new office in San Diego.

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Why should freelancers work with staffing companies?

Freelancers in the life science industry are one thing above all: absolute professionals. Their expert knowledge is an indispensable resource for business and society. Personnel service providers help freelancers to quickly and efficiently find their desired project with the right company.

Diversity comes first – also at K-Recruiting

What should the working world of tomorrow look like? Colourful. At least this is the goal of the “Diversity Charter” initiative, of which K-Recruiting has also been a member since this year. Because appreciating and including diversity in the corporate culture has numerous advantages, such as compensating for the shortage of skilled workers and increasing effectiveness.

The top 3 advantages of freelancers

Temporarily fill an open vacancy? Find the ideal project employee on short notice? Fill a specialist position quickly? Working with freelancers is an opportunity for companies in the life sciences sector to benefit from qualified professionals.

Fundraiser: Together for our future

As part of the Future Leader Fundraising Challenge (FLFC), K-Recruiting donates 3,000 euros to the NGO “Save the Children” in record time. Following the motto #squeezeOutHunger, the donation particularly supports children in need.

K-Recruiting becomes a member of ASA

Die American Staffing Association (ASA) ist die zentrale Interessenvertretung der Personaldienstleistungsbranche in den USA. Mit der Eröffnung unseres neuen Standortes in Texas sind wir Teil des amerikanischen Marktes geworden. Deshalb möchten wir uns auch im nationalen Branchenverband engagieren und für Forschung, Bildung und professionelle Standards einsetzen.

K-Recruiting obtains ISO 9001 re-certification

ISO 9001 stands for quality – worldwide. It is the most established certification in quality management (QM) and thus the international benchmark. For the second year in a row, TÜV SÜD has confirmed K-Recruiting’s ISO certification.

The new MDR: opportunity instead of hindrance

The new Medical Device Regulation (MDR) came into force this month. The implementation is a challenge. However, for manufacturers who rely on highly qualified, external experts in the process, it can also be a great opportunity to quickly place products into the EU market.

Self-employment: how to get off to a good start

Thinking of becoming self-employed? Then some bureaucratic challenges await you. To help you master the process of self-employment, we have compiled the most important steps in a guide for you. This will give you a successful start to your new freedom.

K-Recruiting receives QIAGEN Supplier Award

Amid challenging times since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, K-Recruiting has provided highly qualified experts to support the biotechnology company QIAGEN in the production of diagnostic test methods. QIAGEN has expanded new test technologies for the detection of diseases and significantly expanded production, thanks in part to the support of K-Recruiting. QIAGEN has recognised this successful cooperation with the Supplier Award.

Payrolling: The route to exciting projects in Switzerland

Are you a highly qualified life sciences expert looking for a challenging global project? Let us briefly and concisely inform you about the Swiss labour market’s special features and what you should know about payrolling, a well-established type of contract in Switzerland.