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Your number 1 recruiter in the branch of life sciences – K-Recruiting

Recruitment agencies are the best solution for your company to swiftly encounter adequate, highly qualified personnel. Find out everything you need to know.

How the job market has changed

The life sciences branch is one of the biggest international emerging markets and has developed into a highly innovative science in the last few decades. Processes and products that were completely unknown just ten years ago are now common practice within the industry. 3D print procedures for manufacturing medical technical components or the development of augmented reality software for the support of production processes within the field of biotechnology are only two examples that reflect the technological progress. Diversification and specialisation as well as profound niche knowledge are the keys to success needed by anyone trying to gain a foothold. Like any other branch, life sciences is neither spared by demographic changes nor the shortage of specialised personnel that comes with it. Professional personnel consultants, such as K-Recruiting, can help you to find suitable experts on the market.

Utilise recruitment consulting to your advantage

Companies operating in the branch of life sciences in possession of a high degree of technological specialisation can crucially benefit from professional recruitment consulting. The search for suitable personnel with a scarcity of resources due to workload peaks or employee absences often exceeds the capacity of the internal human resources department. It is exactly in these events that we, as a global intermediary of freelance consultants for projects and interim management, can supply you with the ideal solution. We will swiftly and reliably find the best candidates available on the market – targeted and tailored to your individual requirements.

Process of consultancy and mediation

Are you temporarily in need of support? Do you have to bridge a certain time frame with a high workload or the temporary absence of one or more employees? We at K-Recruiting will be pleased to help you out. In conjunction with you, we’ll conduct a marketing analysis as our first step in order to fully comprehend your needs and demands. We will then search for the best available consultants on the market for you. In this regard, we can fall back on the experiences we have collected within the life sciences branch over the last 25 years as well as our excellent national and international network. Thanks to the high professional expertise and constant professional development of our employees, we can meet each other on an equal footing and will find the appropriate solution even for “special requests”. Rest assured our consultants are highly qualified experts always in the process of furthering their competencies and knowledge so they can stand their ground on the ever-increasing competition of today’s market. As soon as we have encountered the suited consultant for you, we will accompany the interview phase and take over the whole process of contract negotiations. As your recruiter, we will naturally assist you with every question even after the start of the consultancy process. Should you not be satisfied with the performance of the chosen consultant, we will make it our highest priority to refill the vacancy, keeping in mind that a long-term business relationship based on trust is our primary objective.

Our excellent occupation ratio agrees with us: We are the recruitment agency of your choice whenever you need to rapidly balance your shortage of skilled staff.

The difference between K-Recruiting and other recruitment agencies

Aside from our focus on the life sciences branch, the biggest difference between us and other recruiters is that the people working at K-Recruiting don’t just consider their job as a simple business but also as a passion. We consider ourselves to be a matchmaker at a national and international level. Therefore, we see a sustainable business relationship with you based on trust as our primary objective. Whether you are an independent consultant or company, you will be able to profit from our unique market expertise and 25 years’ experience in the area of mediation and personnel consultancy.

Our four most important company values, excellence, reliability, flexibility and fairness, are not just empty words. They rather reflected on our daily work and in everything else we do. We see it as our challenge to find the best solution for you and to meet your individual demands. That is what our customers value us for.

If you have now decided to seek the professional services of a personnel consultant, make sure you take the industry specialisation into account. In our 25 years of collected experiences in the area of personnel consultancy we were not only able to construct a national and international network of experts but are also able to get to know the demands of our customers well enough in order to anticipate future demands and start providing timely consulting services.

Life Sciences personnel consultancy as an enticing work area

Life sciences personnel consultancy is a very exciting work area for our employees. Demanding tasks and contact with interesting personalities in a promising industry, a highly motivated team, great career prospects and modern office facilities are only a few of the advantages that K-Recruiting offers. New employees go through an in-depth on-boarding in our on-site K-Academy. This process is not just about daily business procedures but also specific expertise that is required in life sciences personnel consultancy in order to deliver our demanding clients competent consultancy.

Contact us to talk about your individual demands. We’re happy to assist you.

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