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What makes being a freelancer attractive

We already talked about the advantages to engage the services of a freelancer and when it makes sense. 
There are more and more professionals who are interested in becoming a freelancer in their field – for good reasons.

Not only that the industry is calling for more flexible “work force”, being a freelancer itself has advantages. Our network of consultants tells us so frequently.

Most of them made the decision pro entrepreneur very consciously because they want to enjoy the advantages.

Flexibility and Freedom

On top of the list of those reasons is the prospect of being your own master. In practically every aspect of your professional life. Obviously that starts with being able to say no to projects. If an assignment does not fit your ideas in terms of tasks or setting you don’t have to take it. If you would say no to a task as a permanent employee, your boss could call that a refusal to work.

Once you decided in favour of a project the magic words are “freedom from instructions”, which means that for example you are free to choose the location where you perform the assignment. And you complete the project you were given without interference or provisions from the client.

Many even appreciate the possibility to equip and decorate their own office as a feeling of freedom. Or the complete freedom to choose your own individual pension model.

Always something new

Variety is of great importance just as much. If you engage in several different projects every year means a lot of diverse impressions. You get to know a variety of companies, see different technologies. Of course, this asks a lot of flexibility from a freelancer to be able to adapt to changing settings regularly. Or you won’t be able to do your job fast and efficiently. Someone described it like this: “You don’t grow old and stay flexible to take opportunities.”

Another side effect is that you become better connected, because you deal with many more professionals than you probably would while working in a permanent job for several years. Networking gains significance.

Also, many self-employed consultants use the model as a possibility to stay active after retirement as they know they are good at what they do.  They enjoy making a difference at clients with their assignments without having to commit to a fixed 40-hours week but knowing they can only work just 7 out of 12 months a year because they choose to do so.

Service Provider instead of Executive Role

Finally, many freelancers we talk to highly appreciate to be able to focus on the technical part of their job. As a freelancer there are no appraisal interviews or daily management duties – you have no leadership role any more.

Also, difficult colleagues, office politics or career ambition are no longer important, if you carry out temporary freelance projects. Off-topic side stages that certainly can be stressful as a permanent employee. This fact, and that you need to keep up great performance to receive good references for the next task leads to more productivity than you could have shown in a fixed contract. This ultimately gives you more satisfaction.

In addition, you can think about positioning yourself as an allrounder or establishing a very specialised service. As a permanent employee you probably won’t be able to make that decision just like that.


Certainly, working as a freelancer also mean less stability. Working on temporary service contracts, there always is the chance of early cancellation. So you should always be on the lookout for the next assignment so you don’t risk a dry spell.

We take over the project acquisition for you:

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