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Recommendations for dealing with quasi self-employment

In the last post, we have already talked a bit about what self-employment is and how it is hard to clearly define it. Today, we want to offer some practical tips for companies when dealing with freelancers.

What you should consider when you work with freelancers


  • Think about it, might a 3 days / week assignment be sufficient for the specific project? Then you will give him/her the chance to have a 2nd assignment in parallel.Especially, if we are talking about a long-term assignment to cover projects you can’t hold up yourself due to a missing employee on parental leave, as an example. Remember, freelancers are usually more efficient than a permanent employee.
  • Don’t be afraid of home-office. It will make it easier to prove free time management for freelancer.
  • Define clearly, which tasks the freelancer should take over and to what end? What is the result you want in the end? Like that, the freelancer can start working without much further instructions necessary. Put that clear definition down in your contract.
  • What matters should there really be an inspection, how the actual execution of the task is done – not what is written in the contract.
    1. Correct contract
    2. „Living“ the contract
  • Avoid contracting a freelancer, who has been a permanent employee at your company in the last 2 years.
  • If it is necessary that the freelancer uses your resource, it could be an option to agree on a service charge for that

Possible measures to ensure that freelancers are “used” and treated correctly (Keyword direction)


  • Create guidelines / operating procedures for purchasing, HR department, IT, the technical departments and the freelancers
  • Organize trainings for your employees to create awareness
  • Develop reliable processes for everyone involved in the assignment of a freelancer
  • Interviewing employees and the freelancer during the assignment can be helpful to find out, if the service contract is really executed as the self-employed task it is supposed to be.
  • Audits and compliance spot checks

Read our last blog post and be well informed about this important topic. 

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