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Placement of freelancers within the framework of MSP programmes

In order to appropriately fill open positions and projects in the pharma & biotech and medical technology industry at short notice, K-Recruiting places freelance specialists with life sciences companies. In addition, K-Recruiting also fills open positions within the framework of MSP programmes, i.e. in cooperation with an MSP provider, and so has its own internal MSP team. But what is actually behind the term “MSP” and this model?

MSP stands for Managed Service Provider and refers to service companies that provide recurring services for their clients, the type, scope and quality of which are clearly defined in advance between the MSP service provider and its client in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The term and the model originate from the IT sector, as an MSP classically provides IT services (e.g. software updates, remedial action in the event of IT infrastructure malfunctions, proper data backup, virus protection, etc.).

Nowadays, the term is also very much used in the field of human resources and procurement. In this case, an MSP service provider takes over all tasks that arise in the use of temporary workers: from recruitment to invoicing to payment. In doing so, the MSP generally provides its clients with a Vendor Management System (VMS), which gives the company complete transparency about the workforce deployed in the company. Thanks to a carefully developed and consistent process, the MSP also ensures that the employer complies with all labour regulations and legal requirements in the process. In addition, the MSP often provides the client with a talent analytics platform that facilitates decision-making in the recruitment of temporary workers.

Large organisations in particular (e.g. international pharmaceutical groups), which use a significant amount of flexible labour, are happy to use managed service providers, as they themselves often struggle with making their processes for dealing with freelancers and/or temporary workers fully transparent and compliant.

Further advantages for companies are:

  • Reduction of costs through transparency & comparability of staffing service providers
  • Shortening the time to hire by using several personnel service providers
  • Streamlining of processes
  • Compliance with all legal and labour regulations
  • Relieving the burden on hiring managers (e.g. the company’s specialist department)

However, frequently the MSP does not provide the personnel themself, but uses other personnel service providers for the recruitment of the workforce, which they manage as subcontractors and thus remain the sole contact for the company’s hiring managers. This is where K-Recruiting comes in: we specialize in the exclusive placement of freelancers in the life sciences industry!

As a highly specialised personnel service provider for the life sciences industry, K-Recruiting supports MSP providers in the search for and selection of suitable flexible workers. In doing so, the MSP providers and their clients benefit from the high level of specialist know-how of the K-employees, their excellent network of temporary workers in the life sciences industry as well as the maximum flexibility with which K-Recruiting adapts to the processes of the MSP and its clients. Always with the aim of providing maximum satisfaction to the clients and being able to win the best assignments for the candidates – true to the motto: THE BEST SOLUTION OR NOTHING.

For freelance consultants, it usually makes no difference whether they are placed directly by K-Recruiting with an end client or are deployed as part of an MSP programme. However, since more and more large life sciences companies are using such MSP programmes, it definitely makes sense for freelancers who would like to work on projects in large organisations to actively exchange information with the employees from the MSP area at K-Recruiting.

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