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Mobile Office Essentials

Thanks to the internet, laptops and various online tools, working outside the traditional company structure has never been easier.

Mobile working allows greater freedom, but requires not only the technical prerequisites, but above all good self-organisation. To ensure that nothing else stands in the way of productivity outside the office, we have pulled together the most important five factors for working in a mobile office:


Your favourite café may appear tempting at first glance, but experience shows that public spaces are not ideal for concentrated work. Choose your mobile office location carefully: it should be quiet, bright and tidy. This way you avoid unnecessary disturbances and distractions during working hours.
The best place to do this is in your home, where you have all the necessary documents and equipment quickly to hand and where you can also close the door if, for example, children are making noise.
It’s not just your desk that should be tidy, but the space around you too. If you don’t have to block out thoughts of a messy kitchen workbench, then you’ll concentrate much better on your actual project.


For most people, a laptop is all they need for a mobile office. However, it is actually advisable to use equipment similar to that used in the office itself. This avoids a posture in front of too small a screen that is unhealthy in the long run. This also includes a sensible chair on which you can sit comfortably for long periods of time.
Make the mobile office as practical as possible for your workplace. It can sometimes be difficult not to let yourself be distracted, so an impractical hardware configuration should not be used as an excuse. Make it easy for yourself to work from home, concentrated and full of motivation.


Nothing is more annoying in a mobile office than a slow internet connection. Make sure you have a decent connection and don’t have to wait seconds for a file to open or save. That may sound fine now, but after ten files, you will really start noticing it. Also, don’t forget the phone: an increasing number of companies today use a telephone system that is connected to the internet. So if the internet connection is not working correctly, this will have a direct impact on your availability by phone. Check the capacity of your internet connection before you switch to the Mobile Office. There are a variety of online tools or apps for your smartphone for this purpose.


Do you already have a daily schedule that you use regularly in the office? Perfect! Adopt it for the mobile office as well. You will see that routine can also be advantageous when it comes to concentrating on something else – namely your work.
If you want to structure your working day even better, think, for example, of a to-do list for the day, well-earned breaks and preliminary results that you will knowingly achieve within the next few hours. This will motivate you and you will know what to do even in calm periods. You can also use digital file storage locations or external access to company drives (in accordance with the company’s privacy policy, of course) – so you don’t have to lug files or printouts around.
For those who like to take advantage of digital services, there are a variety of tools or cloud services available online and apps for the smartphone to make everyday work in the mobile office easier.


Take part in joint meetings and conferences by using virtual meeting tools. This allows you to maintain an overview of all important processes and decisions in the company. In addition, various professional chat tools offer the opportunity to exchange information quickly and easily without having to write an e-mail. This makes it easier to remain a part of the team without having to be in the office.
We are happy if our tips have helped you to improve your time in your mobile office. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone at +49 89 18 90 998 0 or by e-mail using the contact formbelow.

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