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Marketing in Life Sciences

Marketing. A field of business where a lot of young professionals see themselves. They think of a creative, cool and fun working day – much more interesting than hassling with numbers all day. How great it is, if you get the chance to think out all the ideas you have to market a product in the most funny, exciting or emotional way. The reality is mostly a different one anywhere in the industry. But even more in the Life Sciences industry where really specific challenges await one.

Product Marketing with limits

May it be medical devices, pharma or biotech, usually we talk about highly ethical products in that field. This is a different game compared to other industries, where for one, other rules apply. And on the other hand we are talking about complex products (e.g. to fight cancer, diabetes equipment or vaccines) that will be hard to grasp without the necessary scientific or technical background. How do you want to market a product, which you do not fully understand?

Taking one look at the job specifications for positions in Marketing Departments in other economic sectors tells you the main educational qualification desired is business studies. That’s the difference. In the Life Sciences industry you require studies in Natural Sciences or – for Medical Devices & Diagnostics – as Engineering.

In pharma for example, there are strict rules, which go beyond a self-imposed code of ethics for marketing products. Accordingly, the minimum requirements for a Medical Marketing Manager are much more than the marketing tools like market analysis, strategy development and adaption from global to local level or launches. Tools which everyone needs to master in that field.

Marketing Specialists for Life Sciences topics need to know exactly what they are allowed to do or not when targeting or interacting with physicians, patients or pharmacies. Possibly even the content of clinical studies need to be processed or relevant publications should be familiar – just to be able to understand the market environment of the product.

Moreover, the health care systems and reimbursement of products by public or private payers for example in Germany are and becoming more complex and less secure. Naturally, this is also an area where a product manager has to shine. That would mean knowing about DRGs (Diagnosis Related Groups) in the Device & Diagnostics industry, or the AMNOG process as a Pharma Brand Manager in Germany.

Once in a while a Marketing Manager also has to be in exchange with the Regulatory Affairs Department in a biotech company for example. What is a registration dossier and how does it work? The Marketing Manager has to know it.


Our market knowhow – Your best match

Easy to see, that there is only a limited number of experts that can jump into the different sectors of the Life Sciences industry. Product and Brand Managers all of a sudden have to be chemists, engineers or MDs. Even harder to find those experienced people, who ventured into self-employment.

Companies’ requirements of marketing know-how therefore intensify when looking for a short-term solution with a freelance consultant. They have to perform from day 1. All you get is a short time to work out the details of the specific product, the rest is expected to be available knowledge.

The employees of K-Recruiting know such scenarios very well, as we are working in this field in total for about 20 years. We ask the right questions in our conversations with potential consultants, to make sure that the time invest is worth it for all parties involved, especially the companies and the freelancers.

Our market knowledge and our expertise goes beyond marketing, it rather includes all areas along the value chain of a product: R&D, Clinical, Regulatory Affairs, Manufacturing, Quality management, Safety, Medical / Scientific Affairs, Marketing, Market Access, Sales and Business Development.

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