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Market potential Biomarker

A biomarker is a biological molecule or gene used to evaluate precisely and efficiently pharmacological reactions and biological procedures. They make it possible to measure biological processes and are used in diagnostics. They too can help to make a better prognosis of disease development. They bring lots of progress to modern medicine as especially serious and complex diseases such as cancer become more clearly diagnosable. No wonder, that the market for biomarkers is expected to reach around 45 billion US dollars by 2020.

And not only specialized diagnostic firms, but also pharma / biotech and generics / biosimilars companies put biomarkers more into focus of their research and business plans.

However, biomarkers are not comparable to the conventional drugs that these companies have traditionally developed, manufactured and marketed. Therefore, various departments may be in need of expert input. A demand which can easily arise through just simply missing know-how or the sudden absence of key employees.

Developing new clinical programs for instance, or simply the writing of study reports of biomarker studies. Or maybe early on in the development phase to integrate aspects of the global regulatory strategy into the R&D strategy. But also in business development, you can find freelancers who have expert knowledge for the purchasing of technologies from external sources. And to be able to successfully carry out projects in medical affairs and marketing, you will need an active relevant KOL network and up-to-date know-how about personalized or translational medicine.

A small market, which requires close attention to stay ahead. Not many freelancers / consultants already did projects in that field. If you need support for R&D, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research, Medical Affairs or Marketing, you are well advised to have an expert as your freelance recruiting partner.

K-Recruiting knows freelancers in the field of biomarkers. And our network grows steadily.


Specialization of K-Recruiting

K-Recruiting specializes exclusively in the recruiting of freelance experts in the Life Sciences industry!

For you as a company, this means: We also know freelancers for very specialized and niche topics.

For you as a consultant, this means: We only get in touch when we actually have projects that match your skills!

We are looking forward to your contact.

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