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K-RECRUITING Life Sciences Personalberatung - parallax image

K-Consultant 13058


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K-Consultant 13058

Qualification: 1989 Biology, PhD
1981–1987 Study of Biology
Language ability: German (native)
English (business fluent)
Relevant knowledge: (Global) Marketing, Product Launch, Product Management, Sales, Market Research, Forecasting, P&L, Budget Planning & Control, Brand Positioning & Key Message Development, HIV, Oncology, Diabetes, Pharma
Availability: asap, full-time, onsite
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  • 25 years strategy experience in Pharma, Biotech and Medtech.
  • Broad cross-cultural experience from positions in various countries and at Global- and EMEA-level.
  • High experienced Project Leader in Marketing & Sales, Portfolio management, Clinical Development, Business Development and M&A, Medical Marketing and Finance & Logistics.
  • Broad range of functional and therapeutic area experience.
  • Strong people leadership and focus on priorities.
  • Excellent commercial and financial skills.
  • Extensive professional network in Europe, USA, China.


02/11 – dato
Independent Consultant / Own Company

Senior Marketing, Sales & Launch Management Consultant

Latest projects:
Pharmaceutical Company

New Product Launch in Emergency Medicine (Acute Traumatic Pain)

For New Product Launch in Emergency Medicine (Acute Traumatic Pain Management):

  • Lead of cross functional Launch Team
  • Project Planning & Lead
  • Market Research
  • Brand Planning
  • Forecasting
  • P&L control
  • Budget Planning & Control
  • Brand Positioning & Key Message development
  • Implementation of Pre-Launch & Lunch activities
  • Alignment Mtl. Ha-local Operating Company, Coordination of external‘ vendors

Pharmaceutical Company

Portfolio Management, Portfolio Strategy, P&L Optimization, Business Development

  • Analysis and Optimization of Portfolio Strategy for Top-European Pharma compony, 26 Operating Companies,
  • Portfolio of >30 products in various therapeutic areas; analysis of “as is“ portfolio status, identification of optimized Portfolio Strategy across portfolio of products & countries
  • Optimization of resource re-allocations (total USD 125MM) for improved Top-line and maximized Return-on-Investment
  • Development of Portfolio Analysis Models and Investment-to-Sales Sensitivity analysis
  • Lead & facilitation of Project Team Meetings and Workshops;
  • Preparation of EMEA Board decisions re. Portfolio Strategy and its Implementation;
  • Optimization of Portfolio Management process;
  • Definition of Divestments and Out- licensing

Screen & analysis of Target-companies for out-licensing

Pharmaceutical Company, Germany

Medical Marketing, KOL Mgt., Sales Force Training

  • Responsible for set-up of Medical Affairs for a new Pharma Company in Germany (specialized in Gastroenterology, Crohn’s Disease, Foeliac disease)
  • Implementation of all relevant Med Affairs processes; definition & implementation of MA Strategy
  • Identification of KOLs, set-up & Implementation of KOL-programs; coordination of German R&D-programs and scientific projects (transfer from Ha); coordination of external agencies
  • Advise to General Manager for New Company set-up; set-up & Implementation cd Gastro-training program for Sales Force; local alignment with Global Medical Affairs

2016 – 2017
Pharmaceutical Company, Switzerland

HIV: Late Life Cycle Management & Portfolio Strategy

  • Analysis of generic erosion and Late Life Cycle Mgmt. for a HIV product portfolio
  • Fine-tuned Positioning & Key Messages
  • Development & implementation of „generic defence“ strategies & tactics, counterstrategies for new entries
  • Development of pricing strategy and integrated Multichannel Marketing approach; set-up of integrated HIV Portfolio Strategy
  • Leveraging Mature HIV Brands & of her Infectiology-products;
  • Development of a Hybrid Business-model for Mature HIV Brands; all necessary Forecast- P&L- and Resource Allocation Work (Business Planning input), Implementation Plan for a cost-efficient HIV business mode)

2015 – 2016
Pharmaceutical Company, Germany

Product Manager Launch Oncology

  • Launch preparation of new product in Oncology
  • Coordination of Marketing and cross-functional Launch Team for a new drug for Multiple Myeloma in Germany
  • definition of marketing plan, communication / PR plan
  • lead of primary market research program, lead of oncology training program
  • Lead of external agencies (Market Research, Medical Education, Wargaming)
  • development of campaign materials
  • implementation of extensive primary market research program to support Positioning, Segmentation & Targeting and Communication
  • overall Project Lead for cross-functional Launch Team

2014 – 2015
Pharmaceutical Company, Germany

Product Launch Diabetes

  • Lead for launch preparation
  • lead of operational Marketing for launch of a new injectable antidiabetic in Germany
  • definition of Marketing Plan, Sales Force planning
  • Market Research Program, PR-Plan
  • lead of external agencies
  • development of campaign materials
  • implementation of 1ary & 2ndary market research program to support positioning
  • Segmentation & Targeting and communication
  • Project lead for cross-functional launch team

07/10 – 02/11

Permanent Positions

09/04 – 06/10
Pharmaceutical Company, Nordics

Head of Nordic Mature Brand Business Unit, Head of Nordic Finance & Logistics; Board member

  • Design and implementation of new Nordic Mature Brand Business Unit
  • Substantial increase in Profitability of Product Portfolio
  • Sales of USD 115MM
  • generated additional USD35MM/year through innovative Late Life Cycle Management and generic competition
  • Lead of all Nordic Licensing & Acquisition projects and Nordic representation in EMEA Business Development team (Licensing deals: antibiotics, HIV, Pain, Hepatitis C, Prostate Cancer, Alzheimer, Tuberculosis)
  • Re-organization and Change Management of 4 local Finance & Logistic organizations into one Nordic F&L group
  • SOx-compliance & -audit responsibility
  • Implementation of new Reporting Systems
  • Set Up and Implementation of Nordic Indirect Procurement incl. implementation of / change management for a P2P system
    cost savings benchmark for EMEA organization
  • Category Management for Marketing, Fleet, Utilities, Facility, Print, Travel & Meetings
  • Built and led new Nordic Strategic Marketing organization (Portfolio Management, Business Planning, Sales Force Effectiveness & CRM-system implementation, Market Research system implementation (change from IMS to alternative vendors), Marketing Excellence)
  • Built Nordic Health Economics & Pricing group
  • Successful Pricing & Reimbursement submissions for new products in the areas of Psychiatry, Oncology, Pain
  • Successful budget-impact modelling for local reimbursement-submissions in the areas of Psychiatry, Pain, Oncology and HIV
08/02 – 08/04
Pharmaceutical Company, Belgium

Executive Director, Business Intelligence & Asset Evaluation

  • Leadership of Strategic & Business Planning Process at EMEA, covering 36 Operating Companies
  • Member of EMEA Business Development team
  • Coordination of forecasting and P&L analytics for all EMEA Licensing & Acquisition projects
  • Participation in Due Diligence
  • Implemented Portfolio Management System (tools and process), leading to OPEX Re-allocation of USD 155MM and strong growth of Top- & Bottomline
  • Implemented Secondary Market Research system & processes for new EMEA organization from scratch
02/00 – 08/02
Medical Devices Company, USA

Director, Global Commercial Leader CNS

  • Pharmaceuticals Group Strategic Marketing
  • Lead of antidepressant/anxiolytic portfolio strategy for company’s Pharma Global Commercial Leader in Global Product Development Teams (Pre-clinical to Phase II)
  • Leadership of a global cross-functional team (21 members) for development and commercialization
  • Execution of extensive global primary market research programs, international Medical PR for CRH antagonists, incl. lead of Global Advisory Boards
  • Extensive commercial & financial analytics of Licensing & Acquisition Targets, incl. Due Diligence (Epilepsy, Anxiety, Depression, Parkinson)
  • Global pre-marketing & launch campaign for a broad-spectrum
01/95 – 01/00
Pharmaceutical Company, Germany

Director New Product Management & Licensing

  • Responsibility for strategic planning & implementation of pre-marketing campaigns for New Product developments
  • Member of Global Commercial Teams (New Products for e.g. Alzheimer Disease, Stroke, Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer)
  • Analysis of national and international In-licensing/Co-marketing opportunities, member of EMEA- & Global L&A teams
  • Extensive Premarketing campaigns for new products in Ischaemic Stroke, Alzheimer Dementia, Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer Launch Leader for product in Dementia
01/94 – 12/94
Pharmaceutical Company, Germany

Sales Force Director Psychiatry

  • Launch of a product
  • Sales Target exceeded by 45%
07/91 – 12/93
Pharmaceutical Company, Germany

District Manager Dermatology

  • Launch of a product
  • Sales Team rank no. 1 (market share), no. 2 (sales) out of 9 teams
07/90 – 06/91
Pharmaceutical Company, Germany

Sales Representative

  • Launch of a product
  • Sales of antipsychotics
  • Rank no. 2 (sales, market share) out of 110 Reps