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Increasing need for external freelance support in the Life Sciences industry

Over time, companies in the Life Sciences industry, especially pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies, are confronted with new challenges more than ever. Here a new guideline, there a change in the corporate strategy or possibly the merger with a partner company and then, there is always the digitalization.

Implementing such topics are associated with an extreme workload, which often cannot be covered by internal resources. On the one hand, there is a lack of time of the employees, on the other hand, it is possible that the necessary professional expertise is missing.

As experts in recruiting and providing freelance consultants it is our daily business at K-Recruiting to find the best solutions for our clients in such situations.

How can a freelancer support?

Services of a freelance consultant are possible in all divisions throughout the entire product life of pharmaceuticals or medical devices.

In addition to the operational or strategic business, consultants will be involved in promoting innovations and support companies to keep up with the upcoming changes and to obtain or preserve advantages over the competitors.

Three good reasons for appointing a consultant

  • Professional expertise: Freelance experts are usually highly specialized in their field, bring long-term experience to the table and are up-to-date with new topics and regulations. Therefore, they are ready for action within the company in a very short time and you can save time and energy on tedious recruiting and training processes.
  • Innovation: Due to various project assignments in different companies the consultants often have a broader overview of the market and the necessary ability to think outside the box. This fresh wind reduces operational blindness and paves the way for innovative ideas and suggestions.
  • Flexibility: Change belongs to the daily agenda of freelancers. In the organization of working time, working site and the task itself they are very flexible and adaptable. Depending on the workload companies can again and again decide about the rising tasks. Short term assignments for the purposes of substitution or bridge-solutions until a permanent employee is found are always an option for consultants.

What are your challenges in the near future? Let’s talk about your individual situation and potential solutions.

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