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How can I present myself at the best in a telephone interview?

“There is no second chance for a first impression.”

We often hear this quote and it is certainly very true in a way. Nowadays telephone interviews are the method of choice if a client wants to get to know you better. This way, both parties have the opportunity to get a first-hand impression and verify the professional and personal skills within a short amount of time.

We at K-Recruiting always attend the telephone interviews between consultants and companies. Thus we have a good overview of the issues, clients put emphasis on and what to be aware of if you want to convince your interview partner. In most cases you only have 30 minutes to convince the client by your performance. That is why we today have compiled the most important hints to lead your next telephone interview to success.


Even though you bring along years of industry experience and have participated in many different projects – good preparation is essential for having a successful interview.

As soon as you have got the invitation for a telephone interview, you should at least collect comprehensive information about the company. Products, therapeutic areas, current press releases, and general information form a good basis for a conversation on eye-level and specific questions from your side.

You should also take a closer look at the specific project in the run-up to the interview. Please think about possible ambiguity concerning the job content and record your questions. Furthermore, we recommend to prepare essential connecting factors to past projects in your CV, which helps you to score with practical examples of your expertise in the course of conversation.

Prior to the telephone interview, your contact person at K-Recruiting will inform you about the names of the interview partners and potential questions that could be relevant. Memorize the names of your interview partners and think about targeted and convincing answers to the questions in advance.

Before you start your interview, make sure you will not be disturbed during the interview and that you can completely focus on the conversation.

During the interview

If you start the interview with a friendly and personal welcome, you create a positive, pleasant atmosphere and herewith overcame the first obstacle. You should sustain this basis throughout the conversation by presenting yourself convincing and motivated and by listening actively. Standing when speaking on the phone makes your voice clearer and your enunciation is optimal.

Decision makers usually have little time and therefore want to identify as quick as possible whether you are the best match for the current project. Keep your responses short, concise and convincing and always answer the questions of your interview partner. Let your counterpart finish, even though the answer is on the tip of your tongue.

As soon as you start reporting on your expertise, you should ensure that you state your experience, skills, and concrete project-examples well-structured. Avoid presenting yourself as an allrounder and appear as a professional in the requested field instead. Focus on aspects that are relevant for the current project.


Finally, make sure that you leave a lasting impression on your interview partner. Ask all the questions, you have prepared in advance. Express your interest in a collaboration explicitly. If you are interested in accepting the project, present yourself flexible concerning your availability (remote/onsite, FTE,…) and be open to further steps (face-to-face interview, second telephone interview with additional interview partners,…). Last but not least, close the interview with a friendly goodbye.

You want to put the above-mentioned tips into practice? Find our current vacancies here. You can also contact us by phone to discuss further details. We look forward to collaborating with you in the future.

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