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Formulation Specialist

Beschreibung: For one of our Swiss Pharma clients we are looking for temporary support as: Formulation Specialist (M/F/*)
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  • For the development of oral solid dosage forms we are looking for an experienced associate
  • Your duties will be to develop formulations of capsules, film coated tablets or sachets, to develop manufacturing processes including scale-up and to manufacture clinical supplies under a GMP environment
  • Plan, perform scientific experiments (or pilot plant processes) under minimal guidance from more experienced team members and to contribute to the interpretation and report results
  • Plan, organize, perform and document scientific experiments/plant activities in collaboration with experienced team members
  • Adherence to quality, quantity, and timelines for all assigned tasks
  • Adherence to internal standards, in particular, quality, ethical, health, safety, and environment (HSE), and information security (ISEC) standards
  • Reproducibility of experiments and results
  • Refer to annual individual and team objective setting
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  • Start: 01.12.2020 // Duration: 9 months // Capacity: full-time onsite
  • Scientific education e.g. BSc or a College of Applied Science Diploma.
  • Experience in manufacturing under GMP
  • Minimum of 3 to 5 successful years of experience in formulation and especially in development
  • Awareness/proven experience for safe handling of chemicals, potentially dangerous materials and equipment.
  • Good scientific or technical knowledge in galenics/ formulation at lab, pilot and production
  • Adequate knowledge in scientific/technical areas of collaboration
  • Proficient with laboratory and/or technical tools
  • Adequate knowledge of software and computer tools
  • Basic presentation skills and scientific/technical writing skills
  • Languages: English, German and/or French is a plus
Bemerkungen: WANTED: Formulation Specialist (M/F/D). Please contact +41 71 577 27 41 or Skills: Chemicals, English, Formulation Development / Galenics / Pharm. Technology/ Pharma.Development, French, German, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Novartis Vorerfahrung (CH), Pharma
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Beginn: 01.12.2020
Laufzeit: 9 months
Einsatzort: Switzerland
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