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Stream Lead for WM & MM

Beschreibung: For one of our Pharma clients we are seeking freelance support as: Stream Lead for WM & MM (M/F/D)
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  • Support the projects the process area of supply chain / internal logistics and procurement.
  • Internal logistics in the areas of material management and warehouse management
  • Outbound logistics and its integration points into distribution
  • Inbound logistics, standard procurement processes and intra company stock transfer orders
  • Basic knowledge in the integration of internal logistics with production and quality management
  • Support of the steady state organization with regard to maintain and further develop a global template with a global net of sales & marketing affiliates
  • Coordination of change requests with the application management service provider
  • Support as stream lead for the areas of warehouse management and material management (incl. procurement) during a global roll-out of our process template
  • Coordination and integration of the streams WM and MM with the other project areas in the context of the template roll-out
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  • Start: October/November // Duration: up to 18 months // Capacity: 3-4 days/week, 15 days/months (80% remote)
  • Profound SAP knowledge
  • Functional process knowledge in the described process areas to roll-out and locally adapt a global process template based on SAP ECC 6.0.
  • Technical knowledge in understanding technical background of processes aiming to coordinate technical changes with e.g. developers.
  • Dedicated development skills are not required but the candidate should be familiar with reading and analysing code e.g. to narrow down potential work areas in case of defects.
  • Skills in the area of interfacing with external systems (e.g. ECC à SAP PO à 3PL) would be highly appreciated
  • Strong communication skills for alignments with business, IT and project stakeholders.
  • Experience in validated process environments of the pharma industry
  • Must Have: Business fluency in English & German
Bemerkungen: WANTED: Stream Lead for WM & MM (M/W/D). Bitte nehmen Sie Kontakt auf: +49 89 18 90 998 19 oder Skills: English, German, IT Pharma / MedTech
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Beginn: October / November
Laufzeit: up to 18 months
Einsatzort: Germany
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