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Data Scientist

Beschreibung: For one of our Swiss Pharma clients we are looking for temporary support as: Data Scientist (M/F/*)
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  • Develops analytical methods and predictive models that deliver impact on research and drug develop programs
  • Contributes to the design of AI supported data platform
  • Ensures that the scientific question being addressed and interpretation of the data being used is commonly and accurately understood within the team
  • Contributes to the identification and preparation of chem/biomedical datasets for applications
  • Develops key results and quality benchmarks for data, models and impact in collaboration with scientific users
  • Develops approaches, methods and models iteratively, communicating results effectively with non-data scientist associates, supporting expert introspection at each stage
  • Applies expertise in machine learning, deep learning, data vizualisation and structured/unstructured data analytics towards the scientific goals of team
  • Engineers solutions in Python, R - C, for productization of models and Java, for vizualisation or prototyping are desirable
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  • Start: 01.01.2020 / Duration: 12 months + / Capacity: 3-5 days per week
  • Technical experience on Spark, distributed ML / DL, Python / R libraries, TensorFlow, docker container, ML algorithm
  • Strong computer science background with automation/integration is plus
  • Basic understanding of genomics and bioinformatics
  • Understand the difference between ML Runtimes which includes Spark and a number of common libraries bundled with it
  • Able to compile, install and manage configuration of Machine Learning libraries and technologies (Esp. python and R languages, and esp. CUDA, NCCL, XGBoost, TensorFlow)
  • Able to install and manage configuration of Machine Learning tools and technologies using docker container solution
  • Understand the distributed ML/DL algorithms and be able to tune and test the algorithms with scalability based on the use case
  • Business Fluency in English
Bemerkungen: WANTED: Data Scientist (M/F/*). Please contact +49 89 18 90 998 30 or Skills: English, IT Pharma / MedTech, No relevant Life Sciences Knowledge – Outbound CA
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Beginn: 01.01.2020
Laufzeit: 12 months +
Einsatzort: Greater area Basel, Switzerland
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