No matter, if Pharma, Biotech, Medical Devices, Chemical industry or FMCG. There will always be a need for additional “brain power” to ensure the success of your product. It is crucial, then, to be able to react fast and flexibly

Something unexpected happen and you need to take action right away. Maybe an audit, a product launch or one of your employees will be absent for a while.
Not only a large-scale project might require a Consultant. It can make sense to hire a Consultant on a demand basis for just a couple of hours here and there. To have a sparring partner on exotic and complex subjects or for strategic decisions.


One thing is essential so that K-Recruiting can do the best possible job for you – information!
Besides the basis framework data, it is all about the tasks and projects you want to give to the Consultant.
How will you decide in favor of a Consultant?
– What product knowledge has to be present?
– Which markets should the freelancer have worked on?
– Do you need someone operational or a strategist, or both?
– Is there a certain authority, software or a tool you expect?

You need temporary support for your department starting next week? Tell us as much about the freelancer you are looking for and you will do yourself a favor.


Also as self-employed consultant, the magic word is information! For example, additionally to the CV you will have anyways, you do well to create a project list that carries as much detail as possible. Of course, we are not talking about your hobbies or volunteering activities. Doing acquisition for projects means information about the experience you have in the relevant topics that are important to the industry you work in.

Why is that important?
– Increasing the chance that K-Recruiting can find your profile among the thousands of freelancers we know.
– Tipping the scale, a detailed CV will buy you the invitation to an interview. A one-pager won’t.

Obviously, we are an instrument to sell your profile at our client and we always do our best to position you there ideally. In doubt, the client might still trust in black and white when making his final analysis. So get started with your project list by answering the following questions for every one of your recent projects::
– For which product was I responsible?
– What was my position called?
– What function did I hold? Purely strategic or was I also the one for the implementation?
– What were my exact tasks? Creating documentation or reports? Was I working according to specific guidelines and was the point of contact for authorities?
– To which countries was I assigned?

And don’t worry about secrecy agreements you might have. It is really easy to anonymize a project list whitout losing any of the facts.
Ask us about it and use our CV template, it addresses exactly those points.

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