One promise. Many benefits.
As a consultant, you want to work with people who listen, understand your area of expertise and identify opportunities that best meet your individual needs. This is exactly why people like you trust us.

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Efficient and effective
You can count on us to acquire projects for you, obtain references and make sure you’re paid. If you wish, we can start looking for follow-up projects well before you complete a placement.

Financial security
You’ll always be paid on time, even if a client is late paying us.

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Contact and trust
You’ll be kept up to date on the status of a project while it’s happening and beyond and we’ll share all relevant client feedback. We’re at your service and promise you’ll never have to chase us.

Proactive and made for you
Send us your current CV and an anonymized list of projects you’ve worked on, in English if possible please. We’ll get in touch when a suitable project comes up. Feel free to use our template.

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National and international expertise
K-Recruiting places freelance consultants worldwide, with special focus on the DACH region. Our network is aligned accordingly, including team members with trusted contacts in leading companies in the individual countries.

Industry specialisation
Our staff are aligned with your area of specialisation, regardless of whether this is Pharma & Biotech, Generics & Biosimilars, Medical Devices & Diagnostics or Animal Health – you always have a contact partner who speaks your language.

Consultant Feedback regarding the collaboration with K-Recruiting

Benefit with K-Recruiting !

Your benefits, k-recruiting
Your benefits, k-recruiting