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Experten Know-how | March 2021
Payrolling: The route to exciting projects in Switzerland
Are you a highly qualified life sciences expert looking for a challenging global project? Let us briefly and concisely inform you about the Swiss labour market’s special features and what you should know about payrolling, a well-established type of contract in Switzerland.

Switzerland is considered the Mecca of the pharmaceutical industry – the innovation engine of the international pharmaceutical, medical technology and biotechnology market. Well-known, globally active industry giants value the country as a specialised production location that offers an ideal climate for research and innovation. In short: If you want to be a highly qualified life sciences expert with your finger on the pulse, then Switzerland is the place to be.

In order to be involved in long-term projects in the life sciences sector in Switzerland, a temporary employment relationship, also known as “payrolling”, is required for reasons of employment law.

Originally, the term “payrolling” can be traced back to the wage and salary accounting – the so-called “payroll”. K-Recruiting Schweiz AG acts as a “payroller” and hires you as a life sciences expert on a temporary basis. In Switzerland, the terms “personnel leasing” or “staff leasing”/ “labour leasing” are often used as synonyms for this employment construct. During the course of a project, freelance specialists thus become temporary employees of K-Recruiting Schweiz AG, but fully support the client in the project assignment.

You can find more details on payrolling here.


Payrolling gives you, as a highly qualified life sciences expert, fast and flexible access to interesting projects with renowned pharmaceutical, medical technology and biotechnology companies. You receive all the benefits of a classic employment relationship and benefit from the full security of a temporary permanent position, such as payments into a pension fund. In Switzerland, this is worthwhile even for short-term projects, as the amounts paid in are always paid out when you reach retirement age.

In addition, you not only avoid a lot of administrative work, but you also receive further financial benefits from K-Recruiting Schweiz AG – as your employer. Including, for example, holiday pay and a 13th month’s salary. At the same time, K-Recruiting Schweiz AG deducts both employee and employer contributions (social security) as well as taxes from your salary each month and pays them to the Swiss canton. To ensure that our life sciences experts are always “up to date”, K-Recruiting Schweiz AG supports you with further training and additional qualifications.

If you are a freelance, highly qualified life sciences expert and would like to learn more about payrolling, please contact us.