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K-Recruiting News | July 2021
K-Recruiting becomes a member of ASA
Die American Staffing Association (ASA) ist die zentrale Interessenvertretung der Personaldienstleistungsbranche in den USA. Mit der Eröffnung unseres neuen Standortes in Texas sind wir Teil des amerikanischen Marktes geworden. Deshalb möchten wir uns auch im nationalen Branchenverband engagieren und für Forschung, Bildung und professionelle Standards einsetzen.

The American Staffing Association (ASA) is the central representative group for the staffing industry in the USA. With the opening of our new location in Texas, we have become part of the American market. Therefore, we also want to be involved in the national industry association and advocate for research, education and professional standards. With the opening of the new location in Texas, K-Recruiting is now active as a recruitment company in three countries. We are thus experiencing how important it is that professional, legal and ethical standards are applied in a binding manner worldwide. We want to make our contribution to professionalisation by being involved in associations such as the American Staffing Association (ASA). The ASA is considered the central voice of the US staffing, recruiting and workforce solutions industry. In this capacity, the association and its member organisations represent the interests of the industry in all sectors. This includes lobbying, research, education and the promotion of high quality legal, ethical and competent practices.

Association promotes industry standards

The business of recruitment has unique characteristics. At the heart of its success is the individual as an expert in his or her field. The ASA educates on this, paves the way with politicians as well as companies and actively brings forward suggestions from its members. This claim is also reflected in the ASA’s Code of Ethics. The code guarantees correct behaviour in dealing with employees, customers and competitors. As a condition of membership in the American Staffing Association, each member agrees to follow these ethical principles.

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