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Experten Know-how | October 2021
The top 3 advantages of freelancers
Temporarily fill an open vacancy? Find the ideal project employee on short notice? Fill a specialist position quickly? Working with freelancers is an opportunity for companies in the life sciences sector to benefit from qualified professionals.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are increasingly turning to working with freelancers, because in the life sciences sector this type of staffing is extremely rewarding. The fact that highly qualified specialists have become a scarce commodity on the market is something we at K-Recruiting hear quite often when clients call on our services. It’s when when the need for employees becomes acute due to peak workloads or staff shortages and, in addition, qualifications are crucial, that the advantages of our services for managers become apparent.

Added value of independent consultants

Our consultants at K-Recruiting are experts in the life sciences industry. This expertise can be used in a targeted manner for a precisely defined task, thus eliminating the need for initial training. T Companies receive a professional working independently from the first day on. Thanks to our experience within the life sciences industry, an extensive database and a network of over 22,700 consultants, we are able to find the right solution for every need. This guarantees our partners the perfect match between consultant and project. Our companies benefit from smooth, efficient processes and optimized cost structures. “Our freelancers come in order to go” but leave behind expertise and experience that is profitably used in the long-term direction.

Our Life Sciences partners appreciate the following top 3 advantages of our freelancers:

Top 3 advantages in the life sciences sector

1. Flexibility

Our customers benefit from the quick availability of our freelancers. External specialists are immediately ready for deployment and productive from the outset.

2. Highly qualified professionals

Qualified personnel are an important competitive advantage. Only those with the best technical experts can keep up with market demands today. As a result, specialists are in high demand in the life sciences sector. With self-employed knowledge workers, time-consuming salary negotiations and lengthy as well as cost-intensive administrative processes in personnel selection are no longer necessary. In addition, freelancers, like entrepreneurs, work independently and are motivated as well as solution- and goal-oriented.

3. Economic efficiency

A freelancer is only paid according to hours actually worked or by the day. They are not entitled to vacation or sick pay. This does not generate direct or indirect personnel costs and keeps the entrepreneurial risk low. Our customers can thus focus more closely on strategically important business areas and the research and development of innovative medicines or medical technology products, for example.

For companies to take advantage of these benefits, they need to find a partner they can trust. A precise, critical selection of your personnel service provider is worthwhile – we promise!