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K-Recruiting News | January 2022
Diversity comes first – also at K-Recruiting
What should the working world of tomorrow look like? Colourful. At least this is the goal of the “Diversity Charter” initiative, of which K-Recruiting has also been a member since this year. Because appreciating and including diversity in the corporate culture has numerous advantages, such as compensating for the shortage of skilled workers and increasing effectiveness.

Global is our world today. Networked. Constantly changing. And digital. But “diversity” is still missing in most companies. In terms of diversity, it is not only the life sciences sector that needs to catch up. That is why the “Diversity Charter” was launched under the patronage of the German Chancellor in 2006. The association promotes a conscious approach to diversity and a prejudice-free working environment. By signing the “Diversity Charter”, companies thus declare their willingness to support equal opportunities. This concerns the participation of all employees as well as active promotion through programmes or concrete measures. Diversity is also important for us at K-Recruiting. That is why we have been a signatory since this year. With this step, we want to consistently follow our path towards an innovative, mixed and creative working community, a world in which everyone gets the chance to help shape it.

Why is diversity important?

More people bring more experience, provide different perspectives and develop faster. Especially in the life sciences, innovation is becoming more and more important. Mixed teams produce better solutions and innovative products. Diverse groups in terms of gender, skin colour, origin and sexual orientation are often more efficient. The result is a mix of different perspectives, opinions and know-how. Global projects are easier to implement with a globally minded workforce. There are also completely new perspectives for attracting highly qualified specialists to the company and retaining them accordingly. Keyword: employer branding. There are many reasons to firmly anchor diversity management in the company DNA. Because this demonstrably ensures better results in problem solving, research and development. Top management has also recognised this. According to a recent study by PageGroup, the topic of diversity management is increasingly being addressed.

Ultimately, diversity is the basis for the good functioning of our society. We see this as an opportunity to work together to shape diversity in our company.

More information on the “Diversity Charter” is available here.