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Experten Know-how | April 2022
Why should freelancers work with staffing companies?
Freelancers in the life science industry are one thing above all: absolute professionals. Their expert knowledge is an indispensable resource for business and society. Personnel service providers help freelancers to quickly and efficiently find their desired project with the right company.

Almost 4 million people in Germany worked as self-employed knowledge workers in 2019. An increase of 1.5 percent. The life sciences industry, for example, employed around 96,000 engineers, 115,000 natural scientists and 50,000 consultants. Increasingly, pharmaceutical and biotech companies are looking to work with freelancers for their agile project business, as innovators for research and science.

Relevance of freelancers for the economy

The German economy depends on the existing knowledge of freelancers and their innovative power. They are often involved in challenging projects. Where others see problems, they recognize opportunities. They take on responsibility. Not only for the project, but also for the community. Staffing service providers enable companies to specifically access this knowledge pool of expertise, problem-solving skills and communication skills that independent experts offer. This boosts productivity and promotes innovation. Without the project-based, flexible use of freelancers, a large proportion of all innovation projects in the German economy would have not been possible.

Advantages of staffing agencies for freelancers

1. All-round support by ONE contact person

Trust, advice and support – this triad is the basis for the “perfect match”. Through the personal exchange, the recruiter knows the wishes and strengths of the freelance expert and therefore has the best conditions to find a suitable project. The freelancer is supported by ONE recruiter during the entire application process. This includes the entire management of the interview process but also the support and assistance after the start in the project. A personal contact person is available for all questions, no matter when they arise. From the very beginning, all processes are kept very transparent for the freelancer: the client’s wishes and preferences are always communicated and continuous feedback on the process is given. Even if the placement should not work out.

2. Little effort, maximum output

Project search costs time. Time that is not paid for. Administrative tasks such as invoicing or time sheets are just as time-consuming. Personnel service providers take care of all that. For freelancers, this has the advantage that they save time and can concentrate on the pure work, they are paid for. In addition, staffing agencies always negotiate with companies in the freelancer’s best interest. They take care of the contract drafting and, if necessary, follow-up projects.

The use of this service is completely free of charge for freelancers. The business model of staffing agencies is success-oriented. This means that revenue can only be generated if the placement is successful. The interest in finding and filling a project is therefore great on both sides.

3. Exclusive projects with renowned companies

Qualified recruiters work with many different companies. From small start-ups, to medium-sized companies, to the big players in the industry. They have extensive national and international contacts and know the right people to talk to. Freelancers benefit from these insider contacts. It gives them access to a wide range of suitable projects. Even for those that are not available on the open market, but are only awarded exclusively to staffing agencies. But not only the external network can be used, but also the internal one. Cross-linking within the company increases the reach of a candidate. In addition, the direct recommendation of the recruiter increases the chances of being hired. In a traditional application to a job ad, an applicant is often considered as one of many. By the exclusive recommendation however, in the eyes of the employer the freelance applicant is often considered as one of the most suitable candidates for the job.

4. Profit from insider knowledge and experience

Personnel service providers are often focused on specific industries, such as the life science industry. Freelancers can benefit from this niche knowledge at companies in the medical technology, pharmaceutical or biotechnology industries. Also in the preparation for interviews and during the entire application process. A recruitment agency helps to optimize the profile. It provides a precise insight into the company, the position to be filled and coaches individually for the upcoming job interviews and the associated job profile. This way, you have the best conditions to also convince in the final steps of the process. A recruitment agency with its many years of experience can also be a good assist if you want to start working abroad as a freelancer.

Outlook: Projects waiting

Many industries suffered significant setbacks as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. The agile project business was different. While the wave of layoffs hit a record high in 2021, the staffing market boomed, and so did freelancers. According to the current Work Life Study 2021, highly qualified freelancers in the life sciences industry cannot complain about a lack of workload. If one compares the figures with the surveys from previous years, there is hardly any difference. Even in times of crisis, freelancers are an existential reinforcement for companies. In terms of the future, all signs point to success for highly qualified freelancers. Many challenging projects are waiting.