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Experten Know-how | February 2023
Freelancer as a quick solution for shortage of skilled workers
The shortage of skilled workers in today's economy is omnipresent. For life sciences companies, this has consequences for innovation, productivity, and competitiveness. Highly specialized freelancers can provide a quick remedy.

The expression "shortage of skilled workers" is ever-present. But what is actually behind it?

Today's economy is increasingly characterized by a shortage of skilled workers due to the large number of unfilled positions. For example, in the long term and across the board, there are not enough applicants with the appropriate qualifications in various of industries. Experts specializing in niches are hard to find, particularly in the life sciences industry.

But what does this development mean for companies?

The shortage of skilled workers affects life sciences companies' innovative strength, productivity, and competitiveness. A shortage of skilled researchers and technicians can affect the ability to develop new products and technologies quickly and efficiently. Additionally, productivity is reduced as companies may not be able to complete their projects and tasks quickly and efficiently. This poses a serious threat to companies' ability to compete successfully in the marketplace. Unfilled positions and the associated additional workload on existing employees can also lead to overwork, a poor working atmosphere, and - in the worst case - sick leave or resignations.

What solutions exist to overcome the shortage of skilled workers?

Highly specialized, self-employed freelancers can provide a quick solution. By working together, companies often receive the support they need within a few days to fill short-term gaps until a position can be filled with a suitable person.

In concrete terms, freelancers offer the following advantages:

  1. Immediate availability and flexible deployment

    The immediate availability, flexible assignment duration and workload of freelancers offer immediate relief in the event of a changing order situation or changing project requirements within the company.

  2. Offer a wide range of qualifications

    Freelancers are experts in their field and offer not only unique experience but also a variety of skills that are in high demand, e.g. IT, Engineering, Procurement, Quality Assurance, Medical Affairs.

  3. Fast productivity due to short training period

    Freelance experts are characterized by a high degree of solution and goal orientation. Due to their short-term assignments, they are used to quickly familiarizing themselves with new structures and tasks. In terms of productivity, resilience, and motivation, they are often one step ahead.

  4.  Transferring expert knowledge to existing teams

    Permanent employees and freelancers can complement each other perfectly. Collaboration creates opportunities for the company itself but also for each individual employee. Because the exchange with experienced experts as innovation drivers educates, creates new ideas, challenges routines and ultimately serves the success of the project.

How do I find a selection of relevant freelancers?

Companies can access a wide range of freelancers through staffing agencies to fill their projects as quickly and efficiently as possible. They ensure that freelancers have the necessary skills and experience to successfully complete the tasks. You too can benefit from the up-to-date specialist and industry knowledge of top experts.