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Efficient search for suitable biotechnology jobs

Biotechnology is innovative, modern and versatile. Find the ideal biotechnology job and get informed on what to look for here.

Jobs in biotechnology

Jobs in the area of biotechnology ensure a multitude of processes and developments which are useful in many vocational areas in an interdisciplinary manner. In the following, you will find out which professions fall under this category and how you can easily find a freelance job tailored to your qualifications in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the rest of the world.

Jobs in the area of biotechnology and their meaning

Research and development are the pillars of biotechnology. In an interdisciplinary way they include the development of new or effective diagnostic methods and the research of new production methods in a laboratory. That is why microbiology and molecular biology, genetics, IT and engineering are all points of contact.

A laboratory is both a workplace and a quality management place. The smallest organisms are at the forefront of biotechnology, which are intended to be of adduced both in agriculture and medicine. Depending on the sector, the areas of application of the field of biotechnology can be differentiated between red, green, white, brown, grey and blue.

In order to guarantee consistent biotechnological processes of the highest quality, we are always looking for suitable labour force. If you would also like to do your part, you can find out here which jobs biotechnology has to offer and what you should keep in mind when submitting a successful application.

The professional field of biotechnology

As a common practice in the Life Sciences industry, the vocational field of biotechnology is extremely diverse and extensive. Quality control is included in the pharmaceutical, nutritional and chemical industry on top of research and development. But even industries such as that of cosmetics or mechanical engineering depend on biotechnologists. Aside from that, medical research is also related to the professional area of biotechnology. Areas such as genetic mutation, genetic therapy and cloning technology are also examined.

As a biotechnology graduate, you will work mainly in the laboratory and laboratory research, depending on your key focus. This involves research into enzymes, but also bacteria, fungi or plant cells and their use in a wide variety of areas such as biotechnological production processes, drug production or agricultural purposes.

As a bioinformatician, the data handling relating to biological processes is part of your field of activity. The development and application of new methods also are included. Bioelectronics engineers, on the other hand, have specialised in the development and production of biosensors. These are mainly produced in the pharmaceutical industry. Biotechnologists who are committed to pharmacotherapy are also involved here. The development department of pharmaceutical companies is particularly dependent on biotechnologists. Many also work in project management and quality control for big companies. As a specialist, you will also be recruited based on your knowledge and know-how in HR or legal departments and even the public sector is in line for biotechnologists.

Job search in the area of biotechnology

Jobs in biotechnology are by no means scarce, which means you have great chances on the job market in this occupational field. Nevertheless, you should also be able to provide an interesting curriculum vitae and convincing references. As is the case in any other industry, the following applies: Those who can sell themselves best will push through the application process.

In order to make this process much more effective, you can look for suitable positions online in advance. If you are no longer a career starter, freelancers and experienced professionals can effectively resort to their own network. The latter is always a sensible step in one’s professional life. Trade fairs such as analytica should also be taken into consideration when looking for a job. These offer the ideal opportunity both to continue one’s studies and for establishing contacts that can later be useful. Especially at trade fairs or specialist events, you will often gain new insights into your professional field.

Since this field of work has so many points of contact with others, pharmacists, physicians, biologists or trained medical-technical laboratory assistants usually feel at home here. For this reason, biotechnology offers numerous fields of application for freelancers, especially in the case of high workloads. These jobs do not necessarily require a degree in biotechnology.

Simplify the job search with prefiltered search portals

Digitisation offers many advantages when it comes to job searches. You can use industry-specific job portals to quickly find the offers that suit you. The more precise the filter options, the more simplified you will have it.

Portals such as jobvector.de or pharmajobs.com, which explicitly specialise in jobs for scientists, engineers, computer scientists, pharmacists as well as physicians and biotechnologists, represent an ideal contact point. Thanks to the filter functions for the postal code and your desired field of activity, you will be suggested all job ads that come into question for you.

Faster results for new biotechnology jobs with K-Recruiting

At K-Recruiting, we go one step further. As an internationally successful matchmaker, we provide you with a personal Life Sciences recruiter who will take care of the time-consuming project acquisition for you. Freelance consultants will find the Life Science company that best suits you. Thanks to our extensive industry knowledge and 25 years’ experience in the field of job placement, rest assured that you will be in good hands while looking for a job in the field of biotechnology.

Your recruiter offers you support at eye level and assumes tasks such as contract and fee negotiations or the search for follow-up projects. Benefit from our know-how and concentrate on what really matters: Your job in biotechnology.

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