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Efficient job search within the field of biomedical engineering

Search and find suitable job ads in the broad field of biomedical engineering! Read here which factors to consider.

Jobs within the field of medical engineering

Nowadays, numerous jobs with a technical orientation set off to improve medical care. The following section will let you know which professions are involved and how you can find a suitable temporary project in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries around the world.

The importance of occupations in biomedical engineering

Knowledge and technology go hand in hand within the medical field because new insights about illnesses and the health of humans and animals can oftentimes only be acquired through innovative technologies. On the other hand, new solutions require specially prepared instruments that meet the respective requirements, such as precision or longevity.

Accordingly, the technology used in the medical field must keep up with the ever-increasing scientific insights. This is made possible by numerous employees working in the fast-growing global medical technology industry. Through their work in one of the largest medical industry sectors, they ensure a continuously improved supply chain in the event of illness.

Do you want to play your part in ensuring that prevention, diagnosis and therapy measures meet the latest standards or even undergo innovative further development? Here are a few examples to show you which jobs biomedical engineering currently has to offer. You will also find out how you can organise your project search in the biomedical engineering sector in the most effective way.

Various jobs in biomedical engineering

You will find a broad field of activity with a variety of jobs in the field of biomedical engineering. Software developers are more in demand than ever before, especially due to the advancing digitalisation and the associated electronic data processing, health care and laboratory automation. In imaging diagnostics, too, medical technicians who are familiar with X-ray technology are desperately sought after in order to be able to guarantee the maintenance and repair of the machines.

Job titles such as Service Engineer or Precision and Surgical Mechanic can be found on portals such as stepstone.de or jobware.de, which help you to find a job in the biomedical engineering sector. If you are a Quality Engineer, Regulatory Affairs Specialist or Risk Manager, you also stand a good chance, as these occupational areas are in high demand – not least because of demographic change.

Are you more involved in research? As a Development Engineer, you can create new products and processes that revolutionise medicine in many medium-sized companies that employ thousands of Medical Engineers in the field of clinical engineering in Germany. Among other things, the innovative strength of the German economy is reflected in the numerous patents that are registered every year.

As in many other industries, jobs in Quality Management and Sales are also offered in biomedical engineering. As a Quality Engineer or Medical Product Consultant, you can play a key role in maintaining consistently high technological standards and integrating products into medical facilities as comprehensively as possible, which in turn will make any innovation in biomedical engineering accessible to everyone.

With a professional background in one of the abovementioned jobs, finding the right project in the biomedical engineering industry should be of no difficulty.

Job search in the field of biomedical engineering

Whether as a newcomer on the job market, a freelancer or a job seeker with many years of professional experience, finding the right company and the right project for your own preferences is not always easy in biomedical engineering. As in other industries, the application process includes impressive CVs, telephone interviews and – with a good first impression – getting to know each other personally, in which case you should present your skills as persuasively as possible.

To ease your job search, the scanning for suitable positions before your application should be as efficient as possible. If your personal network as well as LinkedIn or Xing do not show you suitable projects, we at K-Recruiting are happy to be there for you and to support you fast and efficiently with finding a suitable position in the biomedical engineering field.

Further tips and tricks for the job search

To ensure that you do not make any technical mistakes when writing your cover letter and that you are well prepared in the subsequent interview, you can consult specialist articles online and search for specific terms in technical dictionaries. In addition, you will find all industry-relevant contact points in specially compiled directories, so that you can also take the initiative in advancing your job search.

Discussion forums also offer the possibility to ask questions about projects in the field of biomedical engineering, while exciting events and trade fairs such as MedtechLIVE, Lab-Supply or Labvolution are listed in exhibitor directories. Furthermore, it is a good idea to subscribe to newsletters in industry-specific job portals of all kinds in order to be informed about open jobs and exciting projects in the field of biomedical engineering by e-mail and not to miss out on any promising job ads.

Advantages of pre-filtered portals

If you are looking for a job in the field of biomedical engineering, industry-specific job portals offer a good solution, as only relevant positions are displayed here. The pre-filtered jobs which can be refined by further filter options enable a much more accurate matching than portals such as stepstone.de or monster.de.

For example, you can enter your qualifications online in addition to any search terms and the desired postal code area. Whether you are a natural scientist, engineer, laboratory technician, technician, assistant or doctoral student, here, you will find job offers and respective remuneration that are ideally suited to you and your skills.

Find the suitable job faster with K-Recruiting

With more than 25 years’ experience, we at K-Recruiting are your contact partner concerning the placement of temporary projects in the Life Science industry. As a freelancer, you benefit from the know-how of the matchmaker assigned by us and will only receive offers that meet your expectations.

This saves you time-consuming project acquisition with your personal Life Sciences recruiter, who will support you during ongoing projects at any time with questions or the placement of follow-up projects. The recruiter will also be happy to negotiate contracts and fees for the projects you will be suggested. With our pre-filtered search portal, you can quickly find the medical engineering jobs that best suit you.

Our service establishes the ideal prerequisites for you to find a suitable freelance project. Search for attractive jobs in biomedical engineering with our support and be part of an excellent medical care that saves lives.

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