, Delivering Market Research Expertise for the Pharmaceutical Industry – a report by Klaus Schulz, k-recruiting

Delivering Market Research Expertise for the Pharmaceutical Industry – a report by Klaus Schulz

After several years of acting as pharma interim manager in roles such as Brand Manager or Medical Marketing Manager, K-Recruiting gave me the opportunity to get back to my original job profile as Market Researcher at Roche Pharma in Grenzach.

Of course, the Head of Market Analytics asked me whether I could so easily switch back to the role of an internal service provider, instead of a line function as before. Sure and why not? After all, I once studied market research at different universities in Baden-Wuerttemberg. And besides, also as an interim manager I am always a service provider to companies. To me it is important to understand what my clients need – and that’s what I will deliver!

My current project

One of the very first tasks was to streamline the reporting system for the therapeutic area Rheumatology. My experience from both worlds – producing information as well as being on the receiving part of such and using it for my work – was very helpful. I created one central dashboard from half a dozen single reports, which now contains all relevant information. Like that, the effort for the market researchers was considerably reduced. I always like it when I can contribute to sustainability.

Something else: Although I came as a temporary replacement of one colleague who worked in one specific indication, I was asked by other colleagues as well to step in for their different product groups during their absence. Quite an easy task for me as I have more than 30 years of experience in pharma! As it was in the area of Future Products I am not going to mention the therapeutic area. But I am really enjoying it!

Should the project end as planned at the end of this year, I am already curious what interesting project Stefanie Bauer and her team at K-Recruiting will offer me next. I am looking forward to that!

If you want to win Mr. Schulz for your temporary need of a Market Researcher or Medical Marketing Manager in Pharma, let us know:

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