, Big 5 for life – Professional and personal success with K-Recruiting, k-recruiting

Big 5 for life – Professional and personal success with K-Recruiting

We all know that everyone has different goals in life. But what do we really want? What are the things or events that make us say: Now I can die and I won’t regret anything in life that I’ve done or not done? Not because you want to die, but because it would be okay – because you consider your own life a complete success.

Now you smile and think to yourself, but I’m still young and have loads of time to achieve or experience as much as possible. But let’s look at things realistically. “You have to do what you want while you still can. Did you know that one in six die before they reach retirement age? And nearly 30 percent of those who live longer have a physical illness or disability sooner or later.” 1] This means that even though it may seem like a distant future to you, it is actually time to think about the really important things in life. Still not convinced? Then I’ll start with a nice metaphor:
What if your life were like a museum? The events that have taken up most of the time are those most often depicted. Everything would be catalogued – our feelings, the people we interact with as well as the things we fill our time with. So, if we spend 80 percent of our lives doing a job that doesn’t fulfill us, 80 percent of our personal museum would also be filled with it. If we gave only 5 percent of our time to travel or to our family, it would only make up a small percentage of our museum. Everything can be seen as we have experienced it, and not the life we have dreamed of.

, Big 5 for life – Professional and personal success with K-Recruiting, k-recruiting


So, and now think carefully, are you clear about your purpose for existing and the five great goals you want to have achieved in life by the time you die? What should your museum look like at the end?

Honestly, being a travel junkie, until about a year ago, I had a huge list of different places in the world that I wanted to see, but an exact idea of what my five big goals in life are, that was buried somewhere in the depths of my subconscious.
I smiled last year as a cute Easter bunny and the book “The Big Five for Life What really counts in life”, written by John Strelecky, graced my work desk. Surprised, I looked at the book and began to read the first sentence on the spine: “Working to make money was yesterday. As of today, the goal is to work for personal fulfillment.” My thoughts began to spin around what I had read. What would this mean? Would it mean that my work and life goals would be in harmony? I smiled, everything would form a picture. The support and activities of colleagues, the boss and I would ensure that all of our lives would be a success – or more precisely, that they would meet our definition of success. I liked the idea and I read the first email from our CEO in my mailbox:

„Dear Selina,
enjoy reading and working on your Big Five and your purpose for existing! From the bottom of my heart I wish you a truly fulfilled life – both privately and professionally, and I’m very much looking forward to continuing our journey together with you! All the best & happy Easter,

, Big 5 for life – Professional and personal success with K-Recruiting, k-recruiting

And that is the big difference between K-Recruiting and many other companies. Wishes don’t simply go unfulfilled but are heard. Almost a year ago we started to work on the elaboration of goals and their implementation. Only when we deal with different goals can the company’s goal and the employee goals be aligned. So, it’s part of our corporate philosophy that the satisfaction of each and every one of our employees is our top priority. This means that we treat each other with respect. We respect the wishes and values of everyone.


But what does the company gain from investing in the fulfilment of its employees’ goals? Nothing hinders a project more than someone who uses their skills in the wrong place or is known to be dissatisfied. But let’s turn the whole thing around. How fast do projects go when your skills are used in the right place or you take pleasure in what you are doing? Simply put, this means that people who put their hearts into their work achieve amazing things. This is only possible if you are listened to, if it is recognized, by yourself as well as by others, where you are best able to flourish.

What else speaks for it? Personally I lie in bed in the evening, looking at my gym bag and am already looking forward to Monday on Saturday. Now you’re probably wondering if I am crazy. But this is because I know that I don’t have to achieve the sporting challenges I have set myself on my own. Every day I meet with my colleagues and get the opportunity to work out in different kinds of sports. To be honest, not everyone can claim to be motivated to start the new week on Monday morning. But I can! After half an hour of boxing training I sit at my desk full of willpower and energy. This is what makes the difference.

, Big 5 for life – Professional and personal success with K-Recruiting, k-recruiting

I also found a very important passage in the book that shows why it is also lucrative for a company to be aware of its employees’ goals and invest in them. When hiring was based on the corporate culture, employees were able to develop to their full potential, manage themselves, and were motivated not only by financial incentives but also by a fulfilling and family-like environment, it turned out that companies had 22 percent higher sales growth, 23 percent higher profit growth, and a 67 percent lower employee turnover rate.

This is a decisive factor as much in young companies as for large corporations. The main point is to listen – to find out what motivates and fulfills employees. These specific goals of different employees can either be harmonised or tackled individually. Many employees attach importance to wishes, such as travelling or wanting to start a family. So why not offer each employee discounts at travel agencies or perhaps the possibility of an in-house or nearby childcare facility? Sounds more like wish fulfilment than a blank Amazon voucher!


1. Many of our employees want to celebrate sporting successes, outpace their grandchildren in the 100-metre dash, or be laid to rest with a six-pack. What better way to support colleagues than by offering them sports activities? All of us can go to the most varied training sessions together every day. Everyone is motivated, full of energy and goes back to their desk with a smile on their face. So I’d say we killed two birds with one stone. Everyone gets one step closer to their sporting goal and employees are motivated.

2. All of us like to travel the world, whether it be city trips to capture beautiful sights at night, crazy backpacking tours or relaxing wellness retreats. With us, holidays are always possible, because everyone gives everyone a break. Nothing is left lying around during an absence and we provide active support. Isn’t it nice to come home from holiday and have a finished deal in your pocket? So, thumbs up for the most helpful colleagues, who enthusiastically support far away travellers. If it does turn out to be a longer holiday, we have the opportunity to work from the beach in Hawaii for a week with a packed laptop – I would say that’s living the life!

3. Many of our colleagues are starting families. So of course, it is important to know how to balance a career and family. We fully support them, be it through home-office arrangements or simply an afternoon off. Family should fill a large portion of our employees’ Museum of Life, if that is their wish. We are there to support them.

, Big 5 for life – Professional and personal success with K-Recruiting, k-recruiting

Of course, each employee also has individual goals, which overlap less with other wishes and are therefore fulfilled separately. We don’t ignore these points either, we talk to the employees and find a suitable task or opportunity to fulfill each goal. We help each other with complete conviction to reach our Big Five, thereby gaining new inspiration, improving our lives sustainably and sharing our visions. “Because if you take your time and have all kinds of experiences, no one can take them away from you.”[2]

Have we piqued your interest and would you like to become part of our team? Have a look at our vacancies here and apply today!

[1] Strelecky, J. (2009), The Big Five for Life Was wirklich zählt im Leben, page 126

[2] Strelecky, J. (2009), The Big Five for Life Was wirklich zählt im Leben, page 128

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