, And the Nobel Prize goes to…., k-recruiting

And the Nobel Prize goes to….

…Yoshinori Ohsumi, for his research in the field of Autophagy.

Of course the ceremony honouring laureates for scientific accomplishments are not so glamorous as in the entertainment business. Though the work results from researches are obviously much more useful.

This year, cell biology is in the limelight. The NY Times headlined the research a study of “self-eating” cells, which autophagy means in Greek.

Prof. Yoshinori Ohsumi is recognized as the father in the field of autophagy and was now honoured for his findings on how cells degrade and recycle their molecular waste, i.e. the mechanism for autophagy. A procedure necessary for cells to survive.
, And the Nobel Prize goes to…., k-recruiting
The press release from October 3 2016 points out its importance for aging and links to diseases such as Parkinson’s or Diabetes. Also Alzheimer’s, cancer and genetic diseases can have their origin in the dysfunction of autophagy.

As a consequence, drug development increasingly considers drugs that can target autophagy in various diseases. Such drugs are expected to be more effective while reducing toxicity.

We congratulate Yoshinori Ohsumi and are grateful for all the scientists and researchers in the world, who dedicated their careers to sustainable and meaningful discoveries in medicine and science.

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