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5 good reasons to bring a freelancer on board in your Life Sciences company

There are many good reasons why you should consider to hire a freelance specialists (consultants, self-employed experts, interim manager) in certain situations.

Here are 5 key reasons:

1. Flexibility

Many things can happen in your department that catch you off guard and where it won’t make sense to employ a new staff member – even though there is so much work to do. For example:

  • Your company has a headcount freeze
    • Freelancers are paid by the budget of your department and not on the payroll of you company – so you can buy yourself flexibility for important tasks!
  • One of your employees is on parenteral or sick leave
    • Freelancer will be ready to support you within very short time, a few days to a few weeks only and you don’t have to grapple with a lot of tasks that might otherwise go by the board
    • The freelancer is like a backup of the know-how when a key employee is absent

2. Expertise

  • You only become an entrepreneur after a long time as a permanent employee- So freelancers have seen many companies and successfully mastered various challenges
    • Freelancers join your project with excellent skills and knowledge
    • Freelancers can transfer the knowledge to your situation and quickly provide solutions
  • Fast Onboarding – Freelancers are often brought on board because you need support especially quickly, so fast productivity is what you want
    • Freelancers know exactly this kind of challenge from all of their projects so they know the most efficient methods to deliver results fast
    • Short training for SOPs, fast integration into the project team, fast recognition of responsibilities, effective prioritization of the tasks à conclusion: high accuracy for the tasks you gave to the freelancer

3. Solely functional role

  • External specialists have no interest in a career in your company. They want to present a solution, take work off your hands and then they look forward to their next project
    • Perfomance interviews not necessary
    • No sensitivities you have to worry about
    • The kind of work is not important: Strategic operational, the freelancer helps where needed

4. Calculability

  • You know your budget and you know the hourly or daily rate of the freelancer. And you only pay the freelancer when he/she really works for you
    • No costs during vacation
    • No costs during on sick days


5. Independence

  • Freelancers are used to work without needing constant instruction, as you might have to give it to permanent employees
    • No supervising effort!

What we recommend: it is important that you instruct the freelancer in detail and comprehensively in the beginning, so that he / she can really work on their tasks right away and independently

If you are now convinced of the advantage to have a freelancer for your current lack of manpower or expertise in your department. Talk to Oliver Kremer:


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